Fixed Schedule as the Strategy to Increase Scientific Productivity

Today I want to talk to you about productivity. How to develop or improve a property is to be more successful in science, as in any other kind of activity? So, everything is very simple  — productivity is an integral part of the discipline, and its the highest peak is reached when we adhere to the particular duty. In fact, the idea of ​​a fixed schedule is not the latest, but efficient and effective. And the beauty of this strategy lies in the simplicity of its execution.

Now, in more detail, I’ll tell you about what is meant by a fixed schedule, how to stick it, and how to determine the mode exactly for you.

What is the strategy of a fixed schedule?

This definition implies that you have to choose your work schedule, and then do your best to stick to your plan. Yes, I know, now it seems a difficult task because you already have the habit of checking your email at 4 a.m., and finish writing articles in the evening hours of Sunday after a delicious family dinner. I even can more to say  — at the beginning of your way of life on a schedule, it will be difficult not only to reverse yourself but also to force the organism to obey the new regime. But you may trust me — you can do it. Does this mean that you have to cut back on some of the obligations, or make changes in your own projects, or modify the course of the movement, or, perhaps, even make adjustments in the usual conversation with old friends (including the reducement of the time spent on them)? Yes, it definitely does. Nevertheless, I give you a guarantee that you will get a tremendous relief to get rid of tension and stress, improve your mood and health. Avoiding the execution of unnecessary things, but doing really important business to have goals, your life will be amazing  — you’ll be proud of yourself.

Why does this strategy work so well?

With more time you can devote to work  — that’s fine. However, this does not always mean that you will get better results and dramatically become successful if you sit on your workplace in a laboratory from 9 a.m. till 9 p.m. each day. It is not a fact that all this time you will deal exclusively with the work. You’ll want to drink 10 cups of coffee during the day, to have your meal, to sit on the Internet, etc. So when you make your schedule, then, first of all, you define for yourself the primary tasks (which, in fact, bring valuable results). Thus, the next time you will submit a paper for review, being in the mode, you can be surprised how little time you will take the implementation of this procedure in fact.

A clear timetable as a lifestyle

To implement a fixed schedule in your life you need to follow two simple rules:

  • Choose your own work schedule;
  • Do not break the selected schedule.

In order to adhere to the ideal graphics, you will need to implement some decisive action univocally. As I mentioned above, you may need to reduce the number of projects you are working on; eliminate ineffective habits from your daily schedule; and, yes, you are drawing to upset or offend some people from the circle of friends.

4 tips to help you stick to the regime

The mood on the result

What is your ultimate goal as a representative of science? What do you research? To solve a significant problem or respond to the urgent question, you just have to decide on your motives. Nothing else should not have any sense for you. Come to a particular conclusion for yourself and do it.

Do not be afraid to say “No”

If you do not have time for additional, new or old (no matter what kind) projects, then discard them. As a minimum, for an indefinite period, until you feel that you are ready to take on new challenges. Do not be afraid to seem like a wimp or insecure, or unreliable, or bad (you cannot be a good guy for everyone). Appreciate and respect your space and worry about the personal well-being. Only you live your life. So to say “no” is, probably, the most difficult thing you have to do. But look at it from the different angle: no one will remember the projects you started in large quantities and had not brought to the desired condition any of them, but people will recognize only those one who brought amazing results to the world  — you have to strive for that.

Keep your habits

It is easier to stick to the schedule when you keep the same habits that you attended before on a regular basis. For example, if you like to write articles in the morning till noon, then you should continue in the same spirit in the future. If you like to carry out experiments and studies in the second half of the day after 16:00, you should practice of such activities on the way forward. As it said, “Habit is the second nature.”

Follow the tasks of the first importance

It is a standard process to adapt your schedule so that starting the day with a project that needs to be done here and now, as long as it is treasured to your ultimate goal.

Positive aspects of the strategy
  •  You will focus only on the important things;
  • Your results will be better and higher;
  • You will get respect from your colleagues.

If you can limit your chart to the point where non-essential work will be deleted, and your friends (as it may sound wild) have a place in your life on a schedule, you will discover other amazing results:

  • Your partner will be filled with important tasks (with a focus on your research) which matter indeed, but not the secondary tasks like sending emails, reading news, etc. (which are, in fact, one-time);
  • If you focus only on the important tasks, you’ll get more attention from your friends and colleagues. With the help of this paradoxical effect, you will achieve more results.

Realize that the time to complete tasks and activities aimed at your favor, much easier than it might seem at first glance. Between e-mails, meetings, Web surfing and other things from your to-do list, there is always should be something you could do in the first place. At some point, you have to learn to focus on what is imperative. If you cannot do it, then you come to expect a tedious routine, underperforming graphics and a lot of time wasted. Summing up, I want to emphasize that the development of productivity will help you succeed in the work and get fruitful results. Look closely at your lifestyle from the outside and remove it to a new, quality level.


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