Technology Sales in Comparison with Commercialization of Product

There are times when scientists decide to sell all of their technologies or just particularly to other companies that will take care of commercialization, but not, as a rule, develop products or services. Such a procedure has the definition entitled “technology marketing”.

As practice shows, to take such a decision can be relatively confusing to young entrepreneurs. It should be noted that both options — product sale and implementation of technology — are not necessarily mutually exclusive. Sometimes these techniques can function as an additional strategy. For some markets, the final product is better, and it is preferable to acquire other technologies. You can also watch the way when both options for the same market. Thus, there born some questions in mind, “To sell technology or develop it internally? And then to sell

products that include it? How and what actions are necessary to take in this situation?”

I want to bring you 5 reasons that usually justifies sale technology instead of the commercialization of product integrating them

– Technology does not have to be of interest to your business from the course of your business strategy which is subject to your company and governed by its team. Let us imagine that there is a corporation under the name ‘BioEnergyPro.’ And this company has developed the microorganism which digests and destroy acetone in the organism. Therefore, BioEnergyPro patents its technology.

– Your patent protects your technology (the patent is not the highest guarantee that, by the way, allows other companies to relatively easy access to your technology to imitate you). In this case, you need to try to improve some of your research and to make up the cost of development of technology through licensing.

– Intense competition in the market or the case where the other company wants to impose their technologies to all and sundry. Let’s face the fact that being a young company (the novice in the market of sales and services) it is quite difficult to compete with existing businesses. In this particular case, it might be easier to give the right or create key alliances with other more powerful agents that could facilitate your access to certain markets.

– You want to enhance the market reach of your company. When you have the insuperable desire to attract new markets in the environment where you have no chance conceived to implement for reasons of the lack of resources, etc., for relief you have to transfer the rights and license on the name of other companies that control foreign markets and already have a particular power.

– You are not able to manage the technological and commercial processes when selling the products. First, the commercial development can be very costly and at the same time doesn’t have sufficient sales compared to other representatives from your segment to be able to compete on a major scale. The transfer of technology requires less cost and resources.

In this article you learned about the benefits of technology sales to the realization of the final product. Weight wise all “for” and “against” and takes the leading position in the technology market properly protecting own objects of intellectual property.

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