Effective Blog Posts Formats



To feed the blog, you can use different methods and styles of writing posts that fit the theme of your project. If the blog is personal, then to experiment and diversity can even be alternated. Along with a blog style, you can also select such a thing as a blog format. The standard article format has a narrative tone that is you talk about any questions or concerns, adding it’s a little introduction and conclusion. However, the blogosphere was formed several special formats for the blog posts. Moreover, experienced bloggers have made a clear conclusion that some species (or forms) which attract attention are particularly useful. What kind of posts and why are they so effective? I’ll try a little bit to lift the veil of secrecy.



We know that readers love lists. Especially “delicious” may be the largest lists and detailed ones. For example, “The Top 30 Plugins for WordPress”. Such posts can be a real treasure and mega-hit, so they are good added to “Bookmarks”, retweets, and they are excellent link magnets. Debates and controversies post-call lists of rare, because the subject of the dispute as it is usually absent. From my experience, post-listing is practically an ideal solution for publication, but to create them for the sake of the format is not necessary. There should be only useful information.



Fasting gives instruction (or tries to) an exhaustive answer to a particular question. For example, “How to build a birdhouse?” Such positions of the reader as a lot of respect, because any reader selfish and self-interest (solving their problems). “How to” posts solve the problem, so they are counting on you. The beauty of such posts in the fact that often people in roughly the same form as a query to search engines (how to build a birdhouse?), So potentially they give a good “SEO-exhaust”.

Post review

How to post valuable content from someone else? That’s right — you should do a competent overview on a particular subject. Why might it be interesting to the reader? The other entries can be remarkably disclosed subject, but you give more — a reference to the 10, 15, 30 or 100 selected sources. Something that resembles the format of post-listing, but without reference to the figures. Most surveys can be seen in foreign design blogs due time was a popular column “interested in reading,” which contains useful articles on a particular topic of friendly blogs.


Post-News has a great potential if it is exclusive and a very relevant to your topic. If you are the repeater of the information, you will never get success. Therefore, the potential of this type of blog you can only reveal if you are a person close to the source or by the primary source. Given the fact that most of the information have its roots in the segment, it makes sense sometimes reading the respective bourgeois blogs.



Right provocation always works. Provoke can be anyone — a specific person, the reader as a whole or even a “system.” If art is not alien to the provocations, you may skillfully use this craft. Thus, it is possible to be interesting without the top positions. Posts of this type usually collect a lot of comments; they are subject to disputes and battles, but by themselves are rarely informative and truly valuable. Launching provocation or potentially controversial article, a sober assessment of the situation — in this case, you cannot go too far. Otherwise, the situation may turn against you.

Of course, you can come up with other types of posts. I brought only the ones that tested the effectiveness of “generations” (not literally) of bloggers. If your range as a blogger or copywriter is wide enough, these five tips can skillfully alternate. In this case, your blog hardly anyone would call boring. Create many interesting posts.

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